Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hello there. My name is Collette and this is my very first blog so please bear with me. The title – well, let me explain my thoughts and you can decide for yourself. Please read to the end!

First of all, I think it’s important to give you a little background information about me. I became a teacher over 15 years ago and have had (still have!) a wonderful and fulfilling career in primary teaching. Most of it has been as a senior teacher in Year 6 and I have first-hand experience of what it takes for children to succeed right now.

There is so much pressure in schools these days due to Government policy and constant scrutiny. This affects everyone: parents, teachers and ultimately- the children. Teachers are doing their very best and trust me, they care deeply about the work that they do and the children in their care. It was always so hard to say goodbye to a class at the end of the year.

The test scores are never a main goal for me to be honest - it's making children believe in themselves; helping them learn without them even realising it some days. Listening to them when they are anxious, understanding that they need to be pushed at the right time and nurtured at others to steady their confidence. Test scores improve as a by-product.

The problem here is TIME. I never felt I had enough of it. The curriculum is so packed and heavy; it leaves little time for the children that need a bit more, another session, more consolidation/practise or even the content just explained in a different way.

I’ve lost count of the times when I’ve given up breaks and lunchtimes trying to do just this but there just isn’t enough to go around. Government cuts also mean that there are very few adults to help out. Teaching assistants are vital to schools, but they are being slowly phased out as schools try to balance their dwindling budgets. It gives me sleepless nights. Sorry, I’m getting political, but I’ve seen it happen before my eyes. The expectations now on my Y6 classes compared to 10 years ago is breath-taking.

So, this academic year I decided to start Private Tuition, and this is what has brought you here (I hope you’re still reading!) The children I have taught privately have had one session per week, now online as we are currently in Covid19 lockdown and their learning is tailored to THEM. I know them so well and their progress has been incredible. So much so that the Y6 children are continuing with their sessions even though SATs are not going ahead this year!

I finally have the time and opportunity to help children and personalise their learning. My wealth of experience means I can find ways to help them that will work FOR THEM. I love working with young people, I am passionate about education and I know you will realise it is ABSOLUTELY worth it.

Get in touch and let’s talk about what you need for your child. I’d love to hear from you!

Collette x