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About me


My name is Collette and I have been a Primary Teacher for over 15 years, mostly in Year 6.

I have a degree in Primary Education with QTS (English Specialist) from Sheffield Hallam University and was a Senior Leader in school for 10 years. As the vast majority of my teaching is Year 6 based, I have extensive knowledge of SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) and the level of learning involved. I was also a SATs official assessor so I have lots of experience preparing children to take end of Key Stage 2 SATs.

My passion inside school is English; I love reading and writing and finding ways to get children to love them too. I also really enjoy maths, history, science and art. Outside school my passions include reading, cycling, vintage/retro culture and art (I’m a doodler!).

This year I am currently teaching a mix of supply roles and private tuition. Supply has given me the opportunity to teach a range of year groups and keep up to date with educational policy. Private tuition has been incredibly rewarding as I can tailor the learning perfectly to the needs of the child, therefore making learning fun and progress rapid.


Some students have come seeking improved results to pass tests, for example, and I have been able to give them the extension work required. Others have wanted a bit more help with the basics or building confidence. I try to help my students understand the principle ideas and make the connections.

Helping all students to achieve their goals and building a trusting relationship with their families is very rewarding.


I look forward to hearing from you!


How it works



I have an extensive knowledge of KS2 (Y6), specialising in

English and Maths.
Other curriculum subjects are also available. Please ask!

One-on-one lessons

via video

from £25/hr


In light of Covid-19, 100% of my tutoring is done via video so you can learn from anywhere!

What you need

All you'll need to do is download zoom onto your computer, laptop or tablet.

Easy peasy!



students &

parents say...

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“Emily has loved her time with Mrs Waddle and has thrived under her guidance. Collette does a wonderful job in the critical year of education.”

- Emily's parents